Skiatook has one of the most successful debate programs in the state of Oklahoma.  Students in the speech & debate class learn critical thinking, research ability, and public speaking skills which they sharpen with in-class arguments and participation in interscholastic contests at other local high schools.  Students from the team have been in the out rounds of the state tournament every year for the past 15 years.

State Quarterfinals 2021
No State Held due to covid 2020
4th Place in State 2019
State Quarterfinals 2017
State Quarterfinals 2016
State Champion 2015
State Runner Up 2014
State Quarterfinals 2013
3rd Place in State 2012
4th Place in State 2011
State Runner Up 2010
3rd Place in State 2009
State Champion 2008
State Runner Up 2007
State Quarterfinals 2006
State Quarterfinals 2005

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